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What an exciting time for our church to discuss, think about and pray about stewardship. Stewardship is defined as “The careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.”  Let’s be reminded that it is not the responsible management of something that is mine… but the responsible management of something entrusted to me.

Automatic Drafts

Automatic Drafts are easily available for your monthly pledge.  We can draft your account once or twice a month.  You don’t have to worry anymore when you’re on vacation or out of town on Sundays.  Your pledge will be taken care of for you.  Come by the business office or call Vicki Jeffery  to set up your automatic draft.

Pre-Paid Pledges

Pre-paying your entire pledge before the end of the year is available as an option.  This may provide tax benefits depending on your circumstances.  Pre-paid pledges have to be paid by December 31 in order to be claimed on that year’s tax deduction.

Trust Accounts

A trust account is one in which the principal remains untouched and the available income is generated by the interest.  This available income is used for various tasks and in programs throughout the church.
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Memorials are given by friends and family in memory of a loved one.  These memorial gifts can be used according to the family’s wishes to purchase something needed for the church; they are not used for repairs and maintenance.  Ask About Donating To A Memorial

Church Budget

The church budget, created based on the financial support of the church members, covers a wide range of areas including apportionments, staff salaries, programs of the church (such as Youth, Children, and Care Ministries), missions, and operating costs.  Unless you’ve been a Methodist for a while (and sometimes not even then) you may be unfamiliar with the term apportionment.  Apportionments are “a portion” of our gifts which are shared across many United Methodist mission fields.  All United Methodist Churches work together in order to support these missions at home and around the world.


Living Legacy

Since 1893 First United Methodist Church of Enid has been involved in spreading the Word of God in Enid and around the world.  First UMC has numerous and varied ways for planned giving.  Planned giving is a way to make sure our resources are used to benefit ministries at First UMC which have had great meaning to our lives and our families.
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