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Wedding Information

In planning for your ceremony you will work with members of the church staff, who are dedicated to help make your wedding at First Church a significant and celebrative act of Christian worship. They will bring to their conversations with you their special skills and training in worship, music, and Christian theology. The staff will seek to join you in planning a wedding ceremony that is true to our Christian commitment as well as personally meaningful to you. They understand that, as in everything we do as Christians, our personal preferences in planning the marriage service are disciplined by our commitment to honor God in worship and to witness with integrity to the special character of Christian marriage.

The Sanctuary or Wesley Chapel can be used if the bride, the groom, or one of their parents is a member of this congregation. Non-members must be granted permission to have a wedding at First Church by the Senior Pastor prior to setting a date.  Please select your date as soon as possible to make sure it is available on the church calendar.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Jessica Miller at (580) 237-2041.

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