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Adult Ministries

Sunday School Classes

First Church has Sunday School classes to fit every walk of life.  Whether you like discussions or lectures, videos or books, there is a class of friends waiting for you.  All are welcome to come and join one of these wonderful groups. They meet every Sunday at 10:00 am. Below is a list of our Sunday school classes, view a description of each class.

  • DAVID Class (Room 225)
  • BIG (Believers In God) (Room 220)
  • ABC (A Basic Covenant) (Room 224)
  • Montgomery (Room 226)
  • John Russell Class (Room 217)
  • TNT (Tried and True) (Room 223)
  • Sooner Class (Parlor)
  • Young Adult (Room 301)

Disciple Bible Study

We periodically offer different classes from the Disciple Bible Study curriculum.  These in-depth studies occur weekly for several months.  They offer a valuable way to explore and deepen your faith

Adult Fellowship Opportunities

Fellowship is not simply just being together, it is doing life together! Christian fellowship is a group of people that have a spiritual bond… that is express by what they do… And what they do is strive to follow God’s will in their life individual and together. That might be sharing a meal together or it might be Moms coming together to fellowship and tackle a crafting project.

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