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Youth Ministries

Life is a wonderful, beautiful, messy, and complicated thing. I know that this season of life is A LOT. There seem to be constant demands from the world about who and how we should be: pressures to do well in school, pressures to “fit in,” and sometimes we hold anxious energy around what the future holds for us. I get it. Life can be both beautiful AND hard, boring AND overbooked, mundane AND in a constant state of change; we can feel both tired AND restless… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Whether you’ve been in The Church all your life or never before, whether you feel firm in your faith or you have loads of doubts and questions, YOU BELONG HERE! Here at FUMY you will find yourself surrounded by other students going through the same ups and downs and twists and turns of life that you are.

You will find yourself surrounded by adults who care deeply about you and who will be your biggest fan! You will find yourself in a faith community that will celebrate you in times of joy and be a presence of comfort in times of sorrow.

Here at FUMY we believe that ALL belong here. That means that when you come to FUMY you get to show up exactly as you are while being affirmed in the fullness of who God created you to be. Being a teenager is tough. Being a teenager AND a follower of Christ is even harder. So don’t do it alone.

When: Sunday Evenings 5:00-6:45pm

Where: Youth Room

Who: All youth grade 6-12

What to expect on Sunday evenings:

We typically start our evenings with snacks and games followed by a lesson from our Youth Director, Kristia Oney. After our group lesson we then we split into small groups for deeper conversation and then come back together as a large group for our closing (weekly challenges, announcements, and prayer).

Beloved Ones, the God who created the universe and ALL that is in it names you GOOD and ENOUGH. You are seen and you are known and you are so ferociously loved.

With Love & Gratitude,

Kristia Oney

Director of Youth Ministry

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