Since the earliest of Christian times, it has been a cherished tradition to bury the dead within the church building or in the nearby churchyard. For First United Methodist Church, a downtown church, that has until now been an impossibility. However, with the construction and establishment of the FUMC Columbarium, we now have a sacred area where the cremains of the deceased may be kept permanently as a part of the church. The FUMC Columbarium provides us with the opportunity to restore the revered tradition of burial at the place of worship. Many of our members take comfort from the prospect that their remains will become a part of the fabric of our church.

The FUMC Columbarium is an indoor and outdoor memorial installation. Urns containing cremains of the deceased are placed within niches especially constructed for this purpose. The Columbarium Chapel may be used for worship or prayer by individuals or families at any time when the church is open.

More information and guidelines can be obtained by contacting Vicki Jeffery at (580) 237-2041, ext. 105.

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