Sunday School Classes

B.I.G. (Believers In God) Class (Rm. 220)

Many members of this class average in the 40-something age bracket with kids in grade school to college and beyond with the goal “to walk together and support each other in the journey of life”. Studies vary on topics, but focus on how to apply God’s word to the joys and concerns of everyday lives.

ABC (A Basic Covenant) Class (Rm. 224)

This group of fun-loving adults in their 50s-60s are some of the parents of our Faith class. They explore the covenant between God and humanity through lessons ranging from current events, nurturing relationships, Biblical history, and popular religious topics. This class is known for their annual Thanksgiving Bake Sale which raises money for mission projects in the community and involvement in numerous volunteer teams.

TNT (Tried And True) Class (Rm. 223)

Here you will find a class made up of mature couples ages 60-90s who share responsibility for teaching from their own perspective. The teachings and discussions cover a variety of subjects. TNT selects and supports mission projects in the community and within the church while still finding time for fellowship gatherings.

Raising Disciples (Rm. 221)

Members of this class are parents of young children looking for opportunities to grow and learn from scripture and one another on what it means to raise future disciples. Participants of this class are in their late 20s to early 40s.

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D.A.V.I.D. (Doing A Very Important Deed) Class (Rm. 225)

The D.A.V.I.D. class is a diverse age group of individuals who are strongly interested in missions and always enjoys open-minded discussions. The members of the D.A.V.I.D. class have the love of Jesus in their hearts and enjoy developing friendships as well as sharing fellowship with Christ and one another.


Montgomery Class (Rm. 226)

Here you will find an intergenerational group ages 50s-90s of married couples and singles who enjoy a variety of studies from the Bible and DVD series led both by class members and outside teachers. They enjoy social gatherings in members’ homes. They also support a variety of outreach projects in the community.

Lighthouse Class (Parlor-Rm. B4)

Here you will find a group of mature adults who enjoy a variety of subjects including Bible studies, and the application of Christian principles. They enjoy times of fellowship throughout the year and support several mission projects.

The Faith Class (Rm. 301)

Getting your master’s, starting your career, single or married, with or without kids. This class is a diverse group of young adults ages 20s-30s coming together to talk about faith and life. Named the faith class because many of the members of this class have the spiritual gift of faith.

Revive and Renew (Rm. 217)

Revive and Renew is a new class primarily made up of ushers with a few other spectacular members. Our ages range from mid 60s to 80s. The class is a independent group who explore Christianity from a wide range of life experiences and never enough time to finish our discussions. Teaching rotates between two retired teachers and subjects discussed are voted on by the class.

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